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Updated Sunday April 8, 2018 by El Cerrito Youth Baseball.

Sunday March 18 - All fields open.  Field crews pls show up early to work on fields. Field crews pls show up early to work on fields.  Pls avoid soft spots when reasonably possible.

Sign up for the City of El Cerrito automated notice system for weekday field closures.  See this article for information about weekend field closures.


The City of El Cerrito decides whether to close fields from Monday through Friday.  The City has established an automatic notification system for field closures.  Everyone is encouraged to sign up for this free service by clicking the following link and selecting the email or text icons for field closure notices:  Notification System Signup.  More detailed instructions are at the bottom of this article.  Notifications may be received by email or text.  ECYB managers and coaches are responsible for signing up for the automatic notification system. 

ECYB makes the decision to close El Cerrito fields on Saturday and Sunday.  Weekend field closure decisions made by ECYB will be posted on this website.  From time to time, the City may also issue field closure notices related to weekend days.  ECYB teams should observe all City field closures.

The Tottenham Hotspur East Bay (ECFC) soccer club may independently issue weekend grass field closure notices for their teams.  The fields may remain suitable for baseball games, even though they are no longer suitable for soccer practices and games.  Accordingly, ECYB teams should monitor this website on weekends for baseball-specific field closure notices.

If the City closes the fields, all teams must stay off the fields completely, not just stay off the dirt infields.  The City may charge the league $200 if any team is observed practicing or playing on a closed field.

During the season, the umpires may make a game-time decision to call a game due to rain.  Whether rain during the game will halt the game may depend on the extent to which the field is already saturated with rain.  Even if it is not currently raining, fields may need time to drain after a significant amount of rainfall.

If no official field closure notice has gone out, but it has rained recently, please exercise good judgment.  If the infields are muddy, you see ponding water, the dirt sticks to your players' feet, or you see field closure signs, then PLEASE STAY OFF THE FIELDS.

Our baseball fields are our most precious resource.  Please help us keep them in the best possible condition for the whole season.  Thank you for your cooperation.

How to Subscribe to El Cerrito’s Field Closure Notification Calendar:

1.Go to http://www.el-cerrito.org/list.aspx
2.Note directions on top of page in blue box
3.Enter your Email Address just below the blue box
4.Follow instructions for either creating a new account or updating information
5.Scroll Down to “Calendar”
6.Looks for “Play Fields Closure Status”
7.Choose the email and/or the phone icon to receive messages

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