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Updated Wednesday February 4, 2015 by El Cerrito Youth Baseball.

Postings for lost or found items may be included in the comment field below.  Comments should include a general description of the object, time and place lost and found, and contact info.  This webpage is provided as a courtesy to ECYB members, and the league assumes no responsibility or liability for any comments.

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Michelle Calavita commented on February 7, 3:41am
"Left behind at Central - black baseball glove. Friday, 2/5, around 6 pm. If found, pls contact Michelle Calavita (Mustang Tigers)."
Alejandro Daniel Torres commented on February 7, 11:56pm
"Left a Rawling Black glove at Castro Park during the Pony evaluation on Saturday 01/30, please send email @ adtorres@pacbell.net or call @ 510-377-3339. Thanks!"
Wallace O'Leary commented on February 28, 5:54pm
" Feb 26: LOST: Rawlings Cal Ripken model glove. Lost at Canyon Trail. Please contact Wallace O'Leary 510-334-3381"
Teresa Coleman commented on February 29, 6:51pm
"Lost Black Wilson glove - most likely lost at central but maybe at harding, a few weeks ago please contact teresa if found (mustang tigers) tcolemanrn@gmail.com Thanks"
Tyrisha Sellers commented on March 2, 4:20pm
"Hi Rockies- A black Nike (boy) slippers was left at Central last Saturday. Did anyone happen to pick them up?"
Michelle Calavita commented on March 12, 7:46pm
"Left behind at Harding after Tigers-Rockies scrimmage: Tigers jersey. Don't recall #. If found, pls contact Michelle Calavita (Mustang Tigers). "
Bart Malloy commented on April 17, 2:34am
"Left a black backpack-style baseball bag at Cerrito Vista right field after the Pinto Royals game. It has a bat, helmet, glove, and water bottle. If you found it please let us know: 415-652-7083. Thanks.."
Jojiro Takano commented on April 22, 6:43pm
"Bat still unclaimed after Bronco division select team tryouts. Contact jxtakano@gmail.com."
Hugo Araica commented on May 15, 7:42pm
"Black and Silver Mizuno glove found at Harding (T ball) size. Please call Hugo at 415-720-6388"
Joan Wallner commented on May 15, 7:45pm
"Lost Wilson brown glove- name in Quinn Connell - last used at Harding on Saturday May 14. 510-396-0251"
Carol Long commented on May 17, 11:47pm
"Lost: black glove with red strings - Van Uter inside - lost at Canyon trail on 5/15/16 after the noon game. Please call Carrie at (415) 269-3766"
Grady Carson commented on May 23, 8:19pm
"Lost-EC bathroom key on black lanyard. Left at Harding. gradycarson@sbcglobal.net Thanks"
Hugo Araica commented on June 15, 2:59am
"Found a 32 -3 Z core baseball bat at Tassajarra and a MLB 180 bat Please call Hugo at 415 720 6388"
Jojiro Takano commented on December 19, 1:05am
"Found: Black glove after athletic training clinic at Castro Park. Please email Joe at jxtakano@gmail.com."
Erik Zalkin commented on January 15, 7:47am
"Found a baseball bat at Harding today. Call Erik Z at 510-761-2005 to claim. Thanks."
Mary Pryor commented on February 14, 4:41pm
"Lost: Adult Mizuno 1st base glove, black and brown, at Harding 6pm 2/13, with ball inside. Please contact Mary@nwc01.com if found or call # on ball. Thanks!"
Wayne Chin commented on April 3, 2:39am
"Lost-Black/Yellow Mizuno glove. I was administering the 9U/10U select team tryouts at Harding and someone packed my glove away with their stuff. Please call Wayne 510-813-1379 or email me at wayne.chin@sbcglobal.net"
Anna Morita commented on April 21, 5:43pm
"Lost a gray (stripes on the inside) picnic blanket (folds up to a "bag" with red stripes) at Cerrito Vista (right field) on 4/15/17 around 9-11am, Anyone pick it up? Please email me: annamorita@aol.com "
Bart Malloy commented on May 20, 7:15pm
"Left behind at Central Tuesday evening (5/16) -- right handed glove with "Jack Malloy" written inside. If you found it please let me know: malloy1501@comcast.net or 415-652-7083 text/cell. Thanks!"
Vivian Madrigal commented on May 21, 10:41pm
"Left behind at Central Saturday evening 5/20 brown/black glove labeled Xavi Madrigal please text or call Vivian 415-806-8275 thanks!!"
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