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Retrieve your valuable items

Updated Monday January 8, 2018 by El Cerrito Youth Baseball.

At the end of each season, we find our bins overflowing with valuable items that players or parents have left on our play fields.  This is a reminder that items lost or found can be listed under announcements to the left of our home page in the "Lost and Found" section.  Please use this section to communicate items that you have lost or found.

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Ellie Blue commented on January 8, 8:21pm
"Found at Castro after 01/06.18 weekend evaluations: a HydroFlask thermos; contact Ellie at (510)236-2300"
Samantha Oryall commented on February 11, 5:22pm
"Found baseball bat at Cerrito Vista on 2/4/18. Describe and it’s yours. Contact Samantha at 510-295-7491."
Jojiro Takano commented on March 5, 11:24pm
"Found at Harding - necklace. Describe to claim. Contact Joe Takano at 510 289-2392."
Robert Martinez commented on May 12, 3:31am
"Lost Bat. Older bat, small around 25”, green in color with a black taped grip. Looks pretty old to where the original markings are not really readable. Please contact Robert @ 510-815-2803"
Janie Dalton commented on June 22, 11:40pm
"Lost catchers mitt. CV parking lot. Auburn red and brownish black Rawlings, Buster Posey Edition. Call (510) 684-4646 or (510) 549-6144"
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