ECYB Batting Cage User Agreement

Updated Tuesday January 6, 2015 by El Cerrito Youth Baseball.


All registered ECYB players and batting cage members may use the cage under authorized adult supervision and subject to the following rules:

1.      Authorized Adult Supervision – A coach or parent who has been instructed on the following rules and procedures, has agreed to abide by them, and has received the combination to the cage directly from the President of ECYB must be present and actively supervising the workout inside the cage at all times.

Security - We are required by our license agreement with the City of El Cerrito to restrict access to the cage to authorized users only, not the public, and not visiting cousins, friends, or others who happen to be with you when you want to use the cage. Therefore you must be accompanied by an Authorized Adult, as defined above.  You will not be given the combination to the cage lock unless you are an Authorized Adult as defined above.  The combination will be changed fairly often to prevent it from getting out to the general public. If you are accidentally given the combination to the cage lock, you must promise not to give the combo to anyone else. 

2.      Safety - Common sense rules:

a.      Use the L screens properly.  If you don’t know how, ask. 

b.      Players must have helmets and shoes on inside the cage at all times, 

c.       Players throwing batting practice to each other is risky and is not allowed. 

d.      It is YOUR responsibility and that of your Authorized Adult leader to keep from getting hurt.   

3.      Turf - The turf needs to be kept clean and safe from cuts.  Metal cleats are OK for walking to and from the batting positions in the cage, but players wearing metal cleats must stay on the designated hitting mats for actual batting practice. Be careful when moving the L screens around.  Some are really old and have sharp metal edges on the feet.  Bottom line: Don’t cut the turf.    

4.      Cleanliness and Housekeeping – Absolutely NO food, drinks (except plain water), sunflower seeds, or garbage are allowed in the cage. It will quickly ruin the turf Please keep the place clean and pick up the rocks and twigs that kids throw in there from time to time.

5.      Reporting - Report any problems, broken items, or strange things to the ECYB President as soon as possible. Email is fine. 

6.      Scheduling – At this time (October 30, 2014), time slots will be one hour long for small groups and two hours for teams. We may have to reduce times if demand is great. Scheduling for occasional, one time use is on a first come, first served basis for a maximum period of one hour if others are waiting to use the cage. For recurring appointments, precedence will be given to larger groups, and to older kids.

a.      Example 1: A Pony team and a Bronco team want to use the cage at the same time. The Pony team gets the recurring time slot. However, if the Bronco team called first, they would get the time slot once for the time they reserved, and the Pony team would get it for future recurring use. 

b.      Example 2: A Mustang parent wants to use the cage for his/her two players at 3:00 Thursday, but a team of Pinto players wants to use it at the same time. The Mustang parent gets it once if they request it first, but going forward, that timeslot will be given to the Pinto team to maximize the number of youth players who can utilize the cage.  Sharing of double booked or un-booked time slots is encouraged.  

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