Batting Cage Registration

Updated Tuesday January 6, 2015 by El Cerrito Youth Baseball.

Did you know that ECYB built the wonderful batting cage at Cerrito Vista?  Have you ever wondered how to use it?

All users of the ECYB batting cage at Cerrito Vista must be registered ECYB players, authorized ECHS players, or registered batting cage users. 

The registration year for purposes of using the batting cage runs from November 1 to October 31.  Once a player registers to play in ECYB for the spring or summer season, the player is authorized to use the batting cage for the entire registration year.  Non-ECYB players may use the batting cage, provided that they register as batting cage users, pay the $50 annual fee, and agree to abide by the User Agreement.

The $50 annual registration fee is required by ECYB to defray the cost of insurance purchased to cover all batting cage users, maintain the batting cage structure and netting, and maintain the L-screens, pitching machine, batting tees, and other batting cage equipment provided for use by batting cage users.

Players must wear proper safety equipment and must have adult supervision.  The terms and conditions of use are more specifically detailed in the ECYB Batting Cage Rules and Procedures ("User Agreement").  Access and useage by non-ECYB registered users may be limited.  For example, the cage may be reserved for priority use by ECYB or ECHS players during certain hours.

To maintain our very high quality facility, the batting cage must remain locked at all times when not in use.  ECYB will provide team managers and registered batting cage users with the combination for the batting cage lock.  Batting cage users MAY NOT SHARE THE LOCK COMBINATION with people who are not authorized users.  The league may change the lock combination from time to time, if unauthorized use is detected or suspected.  Batting cage users also MAY NOT ALLOW UNAUTHORIZED USERS INTO THE BATTING CAGE.  Disclosing the lock combination to persons not authorized to use the facility, or allowing unauthorized persons to use the batting cage, may result in the suspension or termination of user privileges. 

To register, click the registration banner on the home page or the following link:  Registration.  You will first be asked to enter information to set up an account in the system.  Once the account is set up, you should click the link below your player's name to "Register as a Player".  After a click-through informational screen, you will be asked to select the type of registration.  You should select the "Non-ECYB Batting Cage Users" division to complete the online registration process. 

We would welcome any additional donations from ECYB families to support the upkeep of the batting cage.

Thanks for helping to support operation of the ECYB batting cage!

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